Elon Musk had the idea of monetizing Twitter for most users

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Twitter has fired thousands of employees from the inside, and it looks like it won’t be the same from the outside either. A new report shows that Elon Musk is considering placing this entire social network behind a wall that requires payment to pass through and access the content.

According to the Platformer website, one of the strangest changes that have been discussed by a source with knowledge of its implementation on Twitter is charging all or most Twitter users.

In recent meetings, the new managers of this social network have proposed the idea that every user can use this platform for a limited period of time on a monthly basis, and for more use, they need to buy a paid subscription.

It’s not clear how serious Elon Musk is about this idea, but with the upcoming release of a new version of the Blue service, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon.
However, based on the dire situation that the company is in, it is not unlikely that Musk will do such things to significantly increase revenues.

Elon Musk had the idea of monetizing Twitter
Elon Musk had the idea of monetizing Twitter


The new management team of Twitter asked the team managers to report the new status of their teams in two sentences. They had to explain the employee’s past record in one sentence and why an employee should stay in their job position in the second sentence.

Twitter’s current employees are not doing well

Some teams have been hit hard and some have completely disbanded. But it soon became clear that this decision was hasty.
Apparently, Twitter asked some of the fired employees to return to work. Some of these people are worried that if they don’t accept the request of this company, they will not benefit from the three months of salary that would have been given to them after the separation.

Additionally, there are currently two groups on Twitter. There is a group of employees who work on projects of Elon Musk’s interest, such as the new version of Blue Service.
The second group is other forces. One of the employees told Platformer that the first group is at work 20 hours a day, but the others are practically waiting and have no instructions or organizational chart. Some people don’t even know who their manager or team is.

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Twitter's current employees are not doing well
Twitter’s current employees are not doing well


Now, little by little, at least in some teams, meetings have been held so that employees know who their manager is and according to which organizational chart they should work, and what their priorities are. But several Twitter employees who spoke to the platformer still doubt Musk and his team know what they’re doing.

On the other hand, the launch of one of Musk’s first important projects in the form of a new version of Twitter Blue has faced many problems. The company announced in a note on Saturday that the new version of this service has been made available, but in fact, this did not happen.

Users who bought this service realized that they are with the same version as before. On the other hand, due to the mid-term elections of the American Parliament, it was decided to postpone the implementation of this project.

Some Twitter employees suggested that instead of a new version of the Blue service, new features should be offered to business users, who are usually looking for a larger audience. But this proposal was ignored. Others were alarmed by Musk’s decision to cut ads on Blue’s new service in half. It is estimated that this will reduce the company’s advertising revenue by $6 per US user per month.

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