A new competitor for Twitter; Tik Tok unveiled the ability to publish text posts

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The big social network TikTok, which used to be mainly used for publishing short videos, now has the ability to publish text posts.

At a time when Instagram Threads has entered the market to compete with Twitter and Elon Musk’s platform has changed its brand to X, Tik Tok has unveiled the ability to publish text posts on its social network. Now this application can somehow compete with Twitter.

The Tik Tok platform announced in an announcement that it will now allow users to share text-only posts as well. Previously, this application mainly focused on video content and it was not possible to publish plain text. But now this company allows text creations to have a chance to be offered as well.

Users can use colored backgrounds and stickers in text posts. The maximum number of words in each text post will be 1000 words, But it seems that this feature is still far from a platform for exchanging opinions.

A new competitor for Twitter
A new competitor for Twitter

TikTok also became a competitor of Twitter

This change is probably an attempt to compete with Twitter, whose recent changes have made many users look for an alternative. A few weeks ago, Meta also unveiled an application for generating text content called Instagram Threads, which, although it had a good start, is now not in a good state. The number of active users on this platform has decreased significantly.

Since then, Tik Tok has more than one billion users and hopes to attract more people to its platform with this new feature. Of course, the user community of this application is younger than most competitors. Britain’s communications regulator says Tik Tok is the number one news source for 12-15-year-old users. YouTube and Instagram are next.

However, the company has faced criticism for possible ties to the Chinese government. This issue has been noticed especially in America, Britain, and Canada and has limited the access of government departments to this application.

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