New WhatsApp feature: search chats by date

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In its latest beta version, WhatsApp has unveiled three interesting features, including searching chats based on date.

The latest update of the beta version of WhatsApp has been released, along with three new features for this messaging application. Three features include channel alerts, hidden navigation labels, and the ability to search for messages by date. This update mainly focuses on improving user experience and providing more transparency to admins.

First, the Channel Alert feature alerts admins about any violations of WhatsApp rules in the channel. Through notifications and various suggestions, Channel Alerts allows handling violations to comply with WhatsApp rules to avoid the possible deletion of the channel.

New WhatsApp feature
New WhatsApp feature

The second feature is to search messages based on date. This feature will be quite useful for normal users. Now by entering the desired date, you can see the history of the chats, and saving time, you can easily find specific conversations.

Finally, when scrolling down through chats, calls, or channels, the navigation labels automatically disappear to give users a large, seamless view of the phone. By reducing visual clutter, this change focuses more on content and will result in a better user experience.

These features are currently in beta and their performance and impact on users will be evaluated with the final release of the new version.


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