Danger of explosion of Lenovo power bank; A specific model is collected from the market

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According to Lenovo, one of the company’s power banks can face a fire or even an explosion due to a technical problem.

Lenovo announced that it is recalling one of its products from the market due to concerns related to the risk of fire and explosion. The price of the Lenovo power bank at the time of release was around $140, which is designed to charge laptops. The company says the affected power banks were manufactured between December 2021 and June 2022 and use part number 40ALLG2WWW.

The affected Lenovo power bank was sold in various markets, including the United States. The possibility of loosening the internal screws of this product can lead to a short circuit and an excessive increase in the temperature of the lithium-ion battery. Today, many electronic devices use lithium-ion batteries, but this part, along with all its advantages, also has the risk of fire. The said battery can react violently with air and generate a lot of heat which can cause fire.

Danger of explosion of Lenovo power bank
Danger of explosion of Lenovo power bank

We do not know the scale of the Lenovo power bank recall. If you are one of the owners of the mentioned power bank, it is recommended to stop using it as soon as possible. Lenovo requests the owners of the mentioned power bank to enter the serial number of the device and, if approved, register a replacement request. Users must send a clear, high-quality photo of the power bank serial label to Lenovo and provide their location and contact information.

The Lenovo Power Bank must also be disposed of by local regulations. The company says to leave the old device in a remote location. Of course, doing this, especially in America, should be done according to the laws of the state where people live. If you wish, you can see more complete information about the recall of defective power banks on Lenovo’s official website.

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