The start date of Threads in Europe has been announced

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Meta seems to have cleared the regulatory hurdles for the launch of the Threads social network in the European Union.

After much speculation, Threads will finally be launched in Europe. EU users will probably be able to work on the Meta social media program from December 14. Currently, there is no official announcement for the start of Threads activity in the European Union, but a countdown timer is displayed on Instagram for users of these countries, which shows the date of the launch of Threads.

According to The Verge, the Threads website is also showing a countdown timer for EU users. European Instagram users can simply search for a Ticket and receive a scannable QR code announcing the launch of Threads in the region. However, we do not know which EU countries will have access to Threads on December 14.

The start date of Threads in Europe has been announced
The start date of Threads in Europe has been announced

The suspension of Threads in the European Union is related to Meta’s problems in complying with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). The company and other tech giants were recognized as major platforms in July, and as a result, must follow stricter rules to satisfy users and protect their data.

Threads has certainly had a torrid year, and its biggest competitor, X (formerly Twitter), has faced various issues. However, despite the initial reception of Threads, the level of interaction of users with this social network decreased drastically due to the lack of features.


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