New Twitter Blue Change: New accounts can purchase a blue tick after 90 days

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Also, Elon Musk said that after the restart of Twitter Blue, users can change their username only after approval from Twitter.

According to the explanation provided on the company’s website, Twitter will not allow users who have been members of this social network for less than 90 days to register after the relaunch of its Twitter Blue subscription service (probably on December 8).

However, users will not be able to purchase the service immediately after creating a new account and receiving the blue tick of approval immediately. This decision, explained on the About Twitter Blue page of Twitter’s official website, could be taken as a solution to reduce fraudulent accounts and impersonating accounts that have plagued the social network almost since the launch of the service.

According to an archived version provided by the Wayback Machine, the old Twitter program did not have a specific waiting period but included a warning that “Twitter accounts created on or after November 9, 2022, cannot subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Change username after Twitter approval

Change username after Twitter approval
Change username after Twitter approval

In addition, the new CEO of the company, Elon Musk, has said that after the restart of the service, verified accounts will lose the blue tick when changing their username, and after reviewing and verifying Twitter’s compliance with the social network’s policies. , they will get it again. Musk also said that if you want to create a “parody” account, you should mention this in your biography and account name.

The $8 Twitter Blue service, which includes the blue tick of this social network’s approval, was officially available to iOS users last week and they could apply to register for it. However, a lot of confusion followed, with many users impersonating celebrities (even Elon Musk himself) after receiving a blue tick.

The “Jesus Christ” account was among the accounts that managed to receive its blue tick. Despite these problems, Twitter decided to stop signing up new users on the service, and now it seems that new restrictions have been put in place to prevent such messes from happening in the future.

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