The newest feature of WhatsApp-create polls

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Additionally, WhatsApp is testing new features to find local businesses.

It was previously reported that messaging app WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to create polls in their group chats. Now this feature is officially available to all users in the world and you will get access to it by getting the latest version of the program. In addition, several new features that help users find businesses have also been added to the platform.

The stable version of the WhatsApp app now has a survey feature that was previously only available in the beta version. However, users can now use this feature in group chats and private conversations. About how this feature works, up to 12 options can be included, meaning a survey can have 12 different answers. It is also possible to create a survey only if there are at least two options.

WhatsApp New Update
WhatsApp New Update

On the other hand, users are free to choose a number of options and there is no limit to change. Therefore, you can change your chosen option in the survey before the end of its time.

To create a new survey, if you are using an Android device, you will access the Poll option through the “attachment” button, and if you are an iOS user, through the “+” icon, after selecting it, you can Type your question and create related options.

New features of WhatsApp for businesses

New features of WhatsApp for businesses
New features of WhatsApp for businesses

In addition, WhatsApp has also announced a new feature called Directory, which has been made available to users in some countries, including Brazil, through which they can search for small local businesses around them. Another feature called Business Search has also been introduced, which allows users to search for businesses based on specific categories such as banking, food, beverage, or travel, as well as by name.

These two features have been introduced and made available as part of Meta’s growing efforts to build a deeper presence in the e-commerce space.

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