How to find startup idea? +10 best startup ideas

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How to find a startup idea? To answer this question, we must first know what is meant by the startup idea. A startup idea is a business idea that is innovative, repeatable, and scalable.

Suppose you decide to set up a sanitary mask production workshop and then market your masks, which are no different from the samples in the market, using the usual methods.
In this case, you have an idea for entrepreneurship, but your idea is not a startup.

Now let’s assume that you are thinking of producing a sanitary mask that solves one or more of the problems of existing masks, for example, it does not get wet, it has a lifespan of several days, or it prevents air from entering without putting pressure on the face. In this case, your idea can be a startup idea in the field of health.

Of course, there are various definitions of startup and there is no clear boundary between startup ideas and other business ideas. But innovation is a constant component of startup ideas.

How to find startup idea?

  • Don’t look for a startup idea

Yes, that’s right, don’t look for a startup idea. When you try to get straight to the idea, not only do you get bad ideas, but you get a misleading way of making those ideas sound good.
Your idea must be able to solve an important problem. So instead of trying to create startup ideas, look for problems. Try to find the important issues that exist in the health structure of the country.

If you have experienced that problem yourself, you are one step ahead. In this case, it can be said that you have touched a real problem because at least one person (yourself) has experienced it.
Of course, provided that this problem has bothered you. Rather than digging through all of your past events in search of a problem and finally settling on a topic that “if it was different, you would feel a little better.

  • Be a good observer

To be able to find problems, you need to know the natural course of things. A good way to find out what’s going on is to talk to people who work in different departments. Talk to friends and acquaintances near and far who have a job related to your idea.

It is better not to start your conversation with a problem because in this case you will give direction to their mind and you will not get complete information. When you ask people about their problems, the answer they give you is passed by their mental filter. Then they confront you with a part of reality that they find inappropriate.

When talking to people, ask open and general questions about their work and listen well. Then, be curious about the parts of their conversation that caught your attention or sparked a spark in your mind.

  • From technology to idea

You may be skilled in a particular technology, such as blockchain or the Internet of Things. Think about what technology or innovation would best solve the problems. Ideally, you should have a brief understanding of various technologies. In this case, you can provide a more appropriate solution to the issues you see.

This does not mean that you should not try to use your abilities in your startup. The fact that you are a founder who can develop the technical business is a huge advantage for you. The point is to make sure that your solution fits your problem. If you think it doesn’t fit, discard that idea and look for something else.

How to find idea
How to find the idea
  • Monitor startups in your field

The more startups you see, the better. Familiarity with startups can cover this weakness if you don’t know about today’s technologies. Getting to know startups makes you see the different solutions offered to solve a problem.

You will also find what artificial intelligence, virtual reality, or any other technology is used for. So it gives you a wide view and in this way, it provides the basis for the formation of better ideas.

The goal is not to choose an idea that has been successful elsewhere in the world and implement it in the same way. The cultures and conditions of the countries are significantly different from each other, which makes it impossible to guarantee the success of an idea in different contexts.
So, when evaluating startups, don’t just focus on the amount of funding or other general success criteria. Pay attention to the approach they have taken to the problem and the method they have taken to create value.

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You might even learn more from a failed startup than a successful one. When success is celebrated, it is difficult to see the path traveled and find the lows and highs left behind.

  • Do not frame your mind

When you consider certain conditions to choose an idea, you unconsciously miss out on several ideas that might be good.

Because the human mind cannot examine ideas from several aspects at the same time. So your mind only considers the conditions you have defined and quickly rejects any idea that does not, at first glance, align with these conditions. In the first step, do not put any filter in front of your thoughts.

One of the worst filters is the filter of getting rich or having a big business. It is almost impossible to predict whether an idea will make you rich or become a big business. In the way of setting up and managing a startup, there are unforeseen and difficult problems.

Sometimes you see yourself so close to failure that you can’t even be sure of the viability of your startup three months later. If you have started the path with the thought of getting rich, you will not have the ability to try and solve problems in such a difficult situation. You may give up trying when you are one step away from the summit.

  • Choose a startup idea that you like

As you know, starting a startup is full of challenges and difficulties. If you do not believe in the importance of the problem you are working on and if you are not eager to find a solution to it, it is more likely that the difficulty will get you down.

When we read the story of the formation of successful startups, many times a problem that happened to a person or his loved ones sparked the formation of the idea of a health startup in the minds of the founders.

And then, wherever the path was hard and rocky, the inner motivation to solve this problem was the driving force of the founders to continue their efforts. Not everyone is supposed to start with a personal and family problem, but it can be said that motivation and inner enthusiasm are necessary for everyone. (Even if it is not necessary for business success, it is necessary for living a happy life.)

  • Look for similar examples

When your idea is formed, that is, when you find a solution to solve your chosen problem, look for similar domestic and foreign examples. Do this search rigorously and seriously and don’t try to jump to conclusions that no one has worked on this problem before.

Knowing that someone other than you has thought of the idea and is working on it is better than no one has ever thought of it. When your idea has an example, it shows that at least one other person has felt this problem and found it important enough to solve it.

  • Do not rush to choose an idea

One of the characteristics of startups that you may have heard a lot about is their agility and speed of action.
The startup must be able to quickly test its idea, learn quickly and move forward. True, but this is all for when there is an idea.
Once you have a good idea, you need to act fast. Until then, don’t be in any hurry. Do not rush to find and choose an idea.
As you’ve probably figured out by now, this article isn’t going to give you a shortcut to finding ideas a week or a month ago.

In his speech at Stanford University, Paul Graham, the founder of the Y Combinator accelerator, advises students to learn as much as they can while they are students if they plan to start a startup one day. “My final advice to young people who want to become startup founders is one sentence: just learn,” he says.

As the founder of a startup, you will need a variety of soft and hard skills. A startup team is a small team, and founders are advised to keep it as small as possible.
So it is natural that everyone has to do different things. Based on this, Paul Graham suggests students think about learning different skills during their student days. Don’t worry if you can’t find a good idea now and your search is long. Focus on learning until you find that important problem that needs to be solved by “you“.

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The best startup ideas

best startup ideas
best startup ideas

1. Start-up idea: survey online.

This startup idea is not very attractive or exciting, but taking online surveys through companies can make you money. Don’t expect to break the bank with this idea! Combine this idea with another startup idea recommended in this article, and take the survey when you need a little extra income.

2. Start-up idea: Be a fitness instructor.

If you are a fitness trainer and have the right combination of passion and business sense, working as a part-time personal trainer can be both physically and financially rewarding as a startup idea. It can easily turn into a full-time job as you build a reputation and clientele.

3. Startup idea: Be a yoga or meditation instructor.

Yoga is growing in popularity, which means that yoga instructors are more in demand than ever. Connect with a local yoga studio to teach evening classes or offer home yoga at a higher rate to pursue this type of mental and physical balance with others in your spare time and earn money doing so.

4. Startup idea: Become a translator.

If your command of another language is good enough that you can translate easily, this is a great business idea that you can start yourself and even do remotely.

5. Startup idea: tour guide

Live in a place frequented by travelers? If you like to meet new people from all over the world and also love the city you live in, a local tour company is the best business idea that will give you both these benefits.

6. Startup idea: Music coach

Do you play a musical instrument well enough to teach others? How can you parlay your skills in music production or sound design and train others into a service-based startup idea based on your experience?
Private music instructors in all disciplines charge fees based on skill and experience. This idea is a good startup idea that can turn your passion for music into a profit.

7. Startup idea: photographer

If you love taking photos of smiling families or laughing children, consider becoming a photographer and selling your photos to photo companies like Unsplash, ShutterStock, and iStockPhoto as a side business idea. To be successful, build your website to showcase your photos and start working with more private companies.

8. Startup Idea: Author of Fiction

Writing fiction makes good money, and if you have a knack for researching and creating great content in a specific area, you can quickly build a large client list with this startup idea.

A writer like Haden Jeff made a very lucrative career writing for businesses, and Jeff also started a side-writing idea in addition to his full-time job as a factory manager.

9. Startup Idea: Baking a cake

It’s interesting how much cake baking can be about making money. While some skilled people have made baking cakes their full-time career, you don’t need to quit your day job to pursue this business idea.
You can earn money by doing simple tasks before you become a cake-baking expert.

10. Startup Idea: Taking care of the child

Many families with children, including single parents, have very limited time, creating demand for childcare providers (and an income-generating opportunity for you).

If you love children and have free time, you can make a great side income by taking care of children while their parents are at work. Just make sure you identify the specific age group you are caring for and that you have all the necessary permits.
Establishing a home daycare center capable of serving six or more children is a profitable way to expand on this startup idea if you have the right environment for it.

 10 places to find startup ideas (How to find startup idea)

Good startup ideas for startups have one thing in common and that is that they all try to solve one of the everyday human problems.
More important than the creativity of the startup idea, it is useful for people!
So how can we make a good starting point and get started? Join us as we introduce 10 places to get ideas for a startup :

How to find startup idea
How to find startup idea

1) Your smartphone:

To see the market designed for mobile apps, you have to tell yourself that all the apps you want are already created!
But the fact is that as much as all ideal ideas, there are also virgin ideas in the same field!

You can consider applications that “exist” in the market but are “useless” or “have too many errors” or “too difficult to work” or “too expensive” and… and the version is improved.

You can get advice from friends, acquaintances, and experienced people (for example, guys from the Telegram group of a start-up company) so that you can implement your ideas in the best way.

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Even in these types of communities, you can find people to join your team (like developers, video makers, etc.).

2) Search engines:

3 things can happen when you search on Google:

  • You will find the results you are looking for.
  • You will be closer to the desired result.
  • The desired result was not found.

In the last two cases, you have the opportunity to include the more powerful content you need in your search engine.

This allows you to design your business for content creation, in addition to developing the projects you need. Yes, if you are a person, you will never get tired of trying, failing, or researching!

3) Social networks.

Social networking is usually a polite way to get into other people’s lives, and it may have nothing to do with you and your business at first glance, but with a little searching for phrases like “how can I …” or ” Anyone knows how to do this … “you start. These are your first ideas for your business, hidden in the context of social posts!

4) Information on the Internet:

After or before buying a product, people talk and exchange opinions about it on sites and blogs. You can find people’s opinions on the pros and cons of a product or service on websites like Amazon or others.

Find online stores and create a new business for yourself by improving and solving these problems. You certainly do not need to reach for complex products such as smartphones, many simple and trivial devices are full despite the large audience. There are hidden bugs!

5) Your home:

Look at your home and its problems, what are the things that are bothering you Dirty house Improper water pipes Lack of good food management These problems are found in some houses that have a lot of opportunities. to fix it. Buck up and easily attract more of your actions!

6) Where you live:

The same demographic characteristics of a neighborhood can help you attract a large number of contacts with a fresh idea. business can be you! The neighborhood can always act as a mine of ideas and creativity with ready contacts!

7) Your office:

If you are looking for a part-time job, ask your colleagues about their problems and concerns, someone needs home service, someone wants ready meals, etc. You can implement all these ideas to reach the audience and customers. Communicate with your colleagues and solve problems.

8) Supermarket:

If you like food and food, you can easily feel the space of the product and the food you want on the shelves. You can produce and present this space with your products and an administrative-sanitary process. And for that, you will need some cooking knowledge or a person with such skills, but surely your business will find its place in the shops because of the empty shelves.

9) Shops:

Go to stores to make, not buy. Be careful which shop’s product you can produce. Start a production line at home? The store may have handwoven or handmade clothing and you may be the one to complement it.

10) Your child’s school or a child you look after:

If you have children, you know what makes your child worth buying. go to his school and ask other parents about the places and spaces they feel. Alternatively, you can ask relatives and other family members questions about problems that seem similar to them and tailor your product to the family’s needs for designing your child.

Important questions to find startup ideas

  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is the most important part of your day?
  • What is a topic you would enjoy writing a 1000-word essay about?
  • What do you like to do?
  • What do you feel proud of achieving?
  • Are there particular aspects or tasks that you enjoy doing in your current job?
  • What childhood dreams do you still find fascinating?
  • If there was only one thing you would like to be remembered for, what would it be?
  • What is the best start-up idea in the era of Corona?

In the era of Corona, launching start-ups focusing on the supply of health products can bring you a very high income.

  • What are the most profitable businesses during the Corona period?

Announcing the status of corona patients|Consultation and presentation|Medical services|Startup idea of making masks|Online sales of disinfection and health products


Once you have identified your startup ideas and found insight, it is time to launch your startup ideas.

Remember that right now as you read this article there are endless raw ideas out there.

Final word

In this article, we tried to examine “How to find startup ideas” and present some useful ideas for those who are looking for profitable businesses.

The best startup ideas can be your favorite idea! Anyone can come up with their desired topic among all creative startup ideas.
So, if you are still in doubt and have not chosen your field of work, review the above text again and again until you finally choose one of the proposed startup ideas or ideas similar to it for your professional activity and implement it.

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