European Union warning: Do not download official Qatar 2022 World Cup apps

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According to European Union officials, the official Qatar 2022 World Cup apps are receiving too much information from users and may be monitoring them.

European Union data protection managers have claimed that the official apps of the Qatar 2022 World Cup can put users’ information at risk. In this regard, users have been warned not to download these programs on their devices.

Big events like the World Cup are usually accompanied by the development of apps that help users do different things. For example, these apps can be used for fan navigation or travel planning.

Most of the time these apps are fine, but apparently, the issue is different with Qatar World Cup 2022 apps.

Qatar 2022 World Cup official apps collect a lot of information

Qatar 2022 World Cup official apps collect a lot of information
Qatar 2022 World Cup official apps collect a lot of information

According to a new report, data protection regulators in Europe, such as Germany, have warned about the risk people face by installing these apps on their phones and tablets. According to these officials, Qatari apps have more access to user information than they claim.

According to the German regulator, one of these apps collects information about users’ phone calls, including phone numbers. Another program prevents the device from going to sleep mode. The German regulator claims that the data used by these apps are not only stored on the device but also transferred to a central server.

Germany also advised people traveling to Qatar to install these apps only if necessary, but not on their original device. Germany says users should install these apps on a second device that they don’t use normally to keep themselves safe.

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The Norwegian authorities have given the same warning to the users as Germany and say that the Qatari authorities may be monitoring the users with the same apps. Officials in France have also warned about this issue that users should be careful with their images and videos and delete apps upon entering French territory.

In the end, it should be said that despite the warnings of the European Union authorities, nothing has been proven yet and the Qatari government, Apple, and Google have not commented on these accusations.

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