Twitter’s new trouble: malfunctioning of the copyright system and uploading of full videos by users

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It seems that the system of removing copyrighted content on Twitter is down and users are publishing full videos.

Twitter under the management of its new owner, Elon Musk, has faced many problems, the latest example of which is the failure of the automatic copyright detection system to remove copyrighted content. With this system down, users are uploading complete videos in 2-minute segments on this social network.

Twitter is still operating even though it has fired many employees and of course, a large number of them have resigned. However, it seems that little by little we have to prepare ourselves for small and big problems in the functioning of this social network.

Failure of Twitter’s automatic copyright detection system

According to Forbes, apparently, several hours ago, the performance of the system to remove copyrighted content was disrupted; Because a user was able to upload the movie “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” completely in 50 2-minute episodes on this social network.

The account that uploaded the videos has now been taken down and suspended, which is different from Twitter’s past approach. In the past, when an account posted copyrighted content on the social network, the tweet and account would remain active, but users would not be able to view the content. But now it looks like someone at Twitter has manually suspended the entire account.

Failure of Twitter's automatic copyright detection system
Failure of Twitter’s automatic copyright detection system

Additionally, mobile users were apparently able to view the account’s tweets and videos for several hours after the account was suspended. Therefore, it seems that the performance of Twitter’s copyright detection system is still in trouble.

While the account that published “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” has been suspended, other accounts are uploading full movies in two-minute segments in a series of tweets, according to Forbes.

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Considering that Elon Musk wants to increase the duration of videos for users of the Twitter Blue service, if the operation of the copyright system continues to be impaired and the new CEO of Twitter decides to manually suspend accounts, the social network is likely to face a big nightmare; A nightmare that could spell the end of Twitter, along with other problems, as some experts and former employees have predicted.

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