Elon Musk has acquired the @X ID without paying for Twitter

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The previous owner of the handle @X says that the social network Twitter removed this user ID from him without paying any money.

Today, Twitter changed its official account handle from @Twitter to @X. Now it has been announced in a report that the @X handle was removed from the hands of its previous owner without an agreement and Twitter did not pay for the use of this handle.

“Jin X Huang”, the previous owner of the user ID @X, stated on Twitter in an interview with the Telegraph that although he was willing to sell his account handle, the social network did not negotiate with him and only informed him in an email. that this handle is out of reach.

“They’ve basically taken over the handle,” says Jin Huang. What happened is what I imagined.” The photographer from San Francisco claims that Twitter offered to send him some X merchandise and a meeting with the company’s executives, but there was no mention of buying the handle.

Elon Musk has acquired the @X ID without paying for Twitter
Elon Musk has acquired the @X ID without paying for Twitter

Twitter says the @X identifier is their property

“They sent me an email and said the handle was basically X’s property,” Huang continues. The account user ID of this photographer, who works at Orange Photography, has now been changed to @x12345678998765.

Twitter users cannot have any legal claim on the usernames on this social network, but in the terms of service of this platform, it has been said that the company only deletes people’s accounts if they violate trademarks. But currently, it is not clear what rights Elon Musk has registered for himself in the field of using the letter X.

Accounts that have claimed monograms on Twitter are already very valuable. For example, in the past, the @n account said that it received an offer worth $50,000 to give away its handle.

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Many users thought that by changing the Twitter brand to X, the owner of the X handle would earn a lot of money from the sale of this account. He himself says that he was willing to sell his user ID, but in the end, Twitter acquired this handle without paying money.

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