Elon Musk announced himself as the new CEO of Twitter

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Elon Musk announced himself as the new CEO of Twitter

Elon Musk, who heads four other companies, said in a report to the Securities and Exchange Commission that he is the CEO of Twitter.

Although Elon Musk tweeted Sunday morning local time that he did not know who the CEO of Twitter is, now documents sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission show that he is at the helm of the giant social network, at least for now.

After buying Twitter, Elon Musk quickly took control of the company and fired its top executives. In the same document sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission, it is stated: “The following people, who were Twitter managers before the purchase of the company, no longer lead Twitter: “Brett Taylor“, “Parag Agrawal“, “Amid Kurdistani“, “David Rosenblatt“. , “Martha Lynn Fox“, “Patrick Pichet“, “Egan Durban“, “Fi-Fi Lee” and “Mimi Ale-Mayho“.

He also removed the members of the board of directors and introduced himself as the only member of this board. Of course, Musk says that the dissolution of the board of directors is only a temporary decision and it is expected that other people will take over this task in the future.

Twitter’s CEO is busy making changes

Twitter's CEO is busy making changes
Twitter’s CEO is busy making changes

The world’s richest man and a small group of Tesla engineers have been busy making big and small changes to Twitter. This social network now shows the Explore section to those not logged in. And according to reports, authentication for the blue tick is likely to become part of the new $20/month Twitter Blue service.

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It should be mentioned that, along with Elon Musk, several other people, including Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of this social network, are still considered among the owners of this company. In addition to him, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Holding Company and Prince Waleed bin Talal are other people who own the new Twitter. The very presence of Talal has made Senator Chris Murphy demand that the US Foreign Investment Committee review this deal from the point of view of national security.

Several Twitter employees told Reuters that they have had very limited conversations with Musk or other new executives, and are using hearsay to conclude what’s happening at the company.

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