Blue Sky’s new logo was unveiled: the blue butterfly

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Bluesky has received very attractive changes, one of which is the new logo of this decentralized social network.

Bluesky, which we know as a decentralized alternative to Twitter, is available by invitation only; But according to the blog post of Jay Graber, the CEO of this platform, now you don’t need to log in to view the posts of the mentioned social network. In fact, without the need to register, you can view Blue Sky posts through its web version and application.

BlueSky users can hide their posts from the view of non-members through the settings, but the said platform says that other programs may not accept such a request, and therefore changing the mentioned option will not put people’s accounts in private mode.

“Our platform is an open and public social network,” Bluesky announced in a statement. “Privacy settings for posts will limit their content only to the official BlueSky app and website, and other apps may not support this.”

It is worth noting that Bluesky’s posts were already available through the developer tools.

Bluesky’s other change is a new logo featuring a butterfly. “The app logo used to be a blue sky with clouds, but we’ve noticed that people naturally use the butterfly emoji to refer to Blue Sky,” notes the company’s CEO’s blog post. The butterfly is actually a symbol of our mission to transform social media into something new.”

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