Google provides battery health display in Android 15

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Google is working on showing the remaining battery capacity to users. This function also announces the time to replace the battery.

The battery capacity of phones decreases over time; The battery health display allows users to know the status of their phone’s battery. Now Google is working on this feature so that Android users, like iPhone users, can access the health of their phone’s battery. Also, the new battery health settings will tell you if the phone’s battery needs to be replaced or not. Android 15 may support this new feature.

According to a report by Android Authority, Android 14 laid the groundwork for tracking battery health information, but Android 15 is likely to show users this information. The latest version of Settings Services on Android has a new page called Battery Health. Of course, Google has not yet activated this page.

Show battery health on Android

Show battery health on Android
Show battery health on Android

Android phones are getting more software updates now than ever before. In addition, manufacturers have provided the possibility of repair and availability of parts so that you can repair your device in case of a problem. One of the parts that will need to be replaced over time is the battery.

Batteries degrade over time and their capacity decreases with each charge. Knowing when to replace your phone’s battery can be tricky because there’s no easy way to measure the remaining capacity. Some apps can provide a rough estimate, but to get an accurate measurement you’ll need to collect phone usage data over days or even weeks.

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The Android operating system already collects a lot of battery statistics in the background right from the first time you use the phone, so it does a better job of providing battery capacity than third-party apps installed on the device months or years later. Last year, in Android 14, Google laid the groundwork for tracking battery health information; But it seems that this information and battery health can be accessed in Android 15.


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