Beeper’s incredible solution: Buy an iPhone to enable Android iMessage

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Beeper Mini developers are working on jailbroken iPhones to reactivate iMessage on Android phones.

The MacRumors website says that the developers of Beeper Mini (the same software that brings the iPhone’s iMessage to Android phones) are using jailbroken iPhones to get around Apple’s restrictions.

Beeper Mini detects text conversations of iMessage users and turns them into a blue bubble (on Apple phones, iMessage messages have a blue bubble, and regular messages are marked with a green bubble).

Thanks to Beeper Mini, Android users can access features such as replying to messages, sending multimedia files, and group chats in iMessage, without the iPhone user realizing that the other party has an Android phone.

At initial launch, Beeper Mini enabled the registration of SIM cards of Android phones in Apple’s servers; However, Apple quickly took action and blocked the Beeper Mini solution. Now Beeper Mini only works with an email address and you must log in to Apple ID to use it.

As Apple became more strict, the Beeper Mini developers came up with a new method that required the use of MacBooks and other Apple computers. In this method, the Beeper Cloud software must be installed on the Mac so that it is possible to create identification identifiers under the title of Registration Data. Reviews show that the service still has unreliable performance.

In the latest solution to circumvent Apple’s restrictions, Beeper will ask its users to buy an old iPhone in order to activate iMessage on Android.

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After preparing the iPhone, it is possible to install a free tool on it to create the activation ID of iMessage and to enable the use of a beeper on the Android phone.

The important thing is that the old iPhone in question must be jailbroken. In addition, the iPhone must always be turned on and connected to Wi-Fi so that the ID regeneration request is registered regularly.

If users can’t afford a jailbroken iPhone, Beeper will lend them one for a small monthly fee. MacRumors says the new service will launch in 2024, but only if there’s enough demand for it.

Apparently, the new beeper service was placed on the company’s official website for a short time and then removed; But McRommers was able to record the details.

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