Article writing with artificial intelligence; Google pays thousands of dollars to the media

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Google pays various media outlets thousands of dollars to use the company’s artificial intelligence to write content.

Google quietly cooperated with some publishers to use the company’s new artificial intelligence tools to publish their articles.

The internet search giant is said to pay each publisher thousands of dollars a year, apparently as part of the Google News Initiative (GNI); A 6-year program that provides financial resources needed for media literacy projects and verification tools for the news sector. Of course, moving towards AI-based content publishing tools will be a new and controversial step.

According to Adweek, Google is currently only partnering with a handful of small publishers to use the company’s AI tools for content creation.

The report reads in part: “The experimental AI tools allow publishers with fewer financial and human resources to generate more content in a more systematic way by indexing, summarizing, and publishing reports that other organizations, such as government agencies and competing news outlets, have recently published. produce more efficiently.”


Google pays thousands of dollars to the media
Google pays thousands of dollars to the media


We still don’t know exactly how much Google pays publishers, but according to Adweek, it’s in the five-figure range. These media have agreed to publish at least three articles a day, a weekly newsletter and a monthly marketing campaign with Google’s artificial intelligence tool.

Publishers that work with Google apparently don’t have to disclose the use of AI to publish news, and source websites aren’t notified that their data has been used to write and publish AI news on other sites.

Google’s AI-generated news reportedly uses a color system to indicate the reliability of each piece of content so that human editors can more easily review the text before final publication.

Adweek says: "Google is in the early stages of exploring ideas to offer AI tools to publishers to help journalists do their jobs."

We still don’t know what results Google will get from working with publishers to use artificial intelligence in news production, and we have to wait to see if the company’s plan will go according to plan or not.

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