New Android change: You don’t need to open the Messages app to see SMS

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The user interface of Google Contacts will change and will receive a dedicated widget.

Google Contacts is among the relatively forgotten applications of Google and almost always works without any problems or lags. We don’t usually hear about new features being added to the Google Contacts app, but that’s about to change.

In the near future, we will see small changes in the Google Contacts user interface. The hamburger menu is removed and this program is equipped with a widget that shows recent messages.

According to the report of TheSpAndroid, version 4.26 of the Google Contacts software, which is not available at the moment, will bring the mentioned changes. The user interface of the header section of the contacts page will also undergo changes.

Google Contacts software
Google Contacts software


Tapping on email contacts will open a tab that shows how the contacts are organized. This UI introduces a sidebar and removes the hamburger menu for a neater look.

Messages app to see SMS
Messages app to see SMS


Most notably, the Google Contacts app will have a widget that displays recent messages from a contact, along with icons for speed dialing and texting. Notifications must be allowed to work with this feature.

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