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In terms of branding, one of the things that must be taken into account in the discussion of advertising slogans. We see advertisements for various brands in advertisements on TV, on billboards around the city, and even in newspapers and magazines. Even in digital branding, the use of advertising slogans greatly affects the attention of the users.

You must have had the question that some of the capitalists, how to design attractive and attractive advertising slogans that cause all the client’s attention to this slogan?

In this article, we will talk with you about employer branding slogans.

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Why is it important to have a good advertising slogan for employer branding slogans?

First of all, we will talk about the importance of a good advertising slogan. We deal with a large number of TV commercials daily, each with its advertising message. But certainly, not everyone attracts us, and only a few of them encourage us to hear this message even over and over again. The importance of a good advertising slogan goes back to winning the trust and attention of the users.

By reading or listening to advertising slogans, consumers can understand the goals and values of your work, and this affects their trust or distrust. One of the most important pillars of branding and marketing, however, is the slogan. If you can not convince the audience in the first place, you can not expect them to take the time to get to know your products and services.

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Therefore, the advertising slogan will mark for you the beginning of marketing and branding and will allow consumers to understand your values and business goals through the advertising slogan, to be attracted to your business, and to know more about your services.

The most important characteristics of a good advertising slogan

But now let’s move on to the main topic, which is the characteristics of a good advertising slogan. We now understand how important the slogan is for your digital branding, branding, and marketing. Therefore, you must take the time to design an advertising slogan so that you can present a slogan that is appropriate for your business and of course appealing and appealing.

Advertising slogan design

The most important characteristics of a good advertising slogan are:

  • Advertising passwords should be simple

The first and most important characteristic of a Slogan is its simplicity so that the audience can understand its meaning at first glance and identify your business goals. Sophisticated passwords that the user needs to think about over time will certainly not be effective because for example in TV commercials, billboards, or even digital branding, your audience will look at your banners in the negative.

So if your slogan is complex, it does not affect their mentality. As much as possible, consider a simple advertising slogan so that this simple message stays in the minds of the audience at first glance.

  • The password should be concise

Do not forget the shortcut, utility, and password shortcut because people do not welcome long messages at all.

  • The slogan must be continuous

A very important point that we must pay attention to in designing an advertising slogan is the discussion of its memorable. We need to design a slogan that will stay forever in the minds of your target audience and when they hear it even after a few years, they will remember your brand name. This is how you will succeed in branding.

  • The advertising slogan should present your brand well

One issue to consider is the role of branding advertising slogans. As mentioned, your advertising slogan should convey to the audience your goals and values. So in effect, the advertising slogan will express the characteristics of your brand. So you need to design it in a way that can create a positive mentality of your brand in the mind of the listener or reader and gain their initial trust.

  • The slogan should occupy the emotions of the audience

If you can come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to rethink their position. Psychologically, if you can control the customer’s emotional dimension, do not doubt that you will achieve the ideal result in branding.

  • Choose the font that fits your advertising slogan

Since the advertising slogan needs to be very simple for the audience to immediately understand the meaning of the slogan, then it is best to use uncomplicated fonts because the complexity makes it difficult for the audience to read the text of the advertising slogan. The correct font.

  • The slogan should be clear about your goals

As we noted in this article, the message you choose, although simple and concise, should be able to convey all the values and goals of your work to the audience. So write down your goals first so that the experts who help you design your advertising slogan know exactly what your goals should be.


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In this article, we talked about Employer branding slogans, but we are of the opinion that we can still use your experience to produce a better and more comprehensive article.
Share your experiences with us.

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