Snapdragon 782G was introduced; Snapdragon 778G+ replacement with minor improvements

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Snapdragon 782G is a powerful 6nm chip for mid-range phones that uses 8 processing cores and a 5G modem.

Qualcomm has unveiled a new chip from the Snapdragon 7 family that will power powerful mid-range phones. This chip, which is called Snapdragon 782G, is produced with 6nm lithography and is available to manufacturers as a replacement for Snapdragon +778G.

Snapdragon +778G is a popular chip in the market and now Qualcomm has decided to introduce its upgraded version. Like its predecessor, Snapdragon 782G uses 8-core Kryo 670 with an Adreno 642L graphics processor.

Specifications of the Snapdragon 782 G chipset

The configuration of this new chip is not different from the Snapdragon +778G, however, we are facing higher frequencies. Snapdragon 782G is equipped with a Kryo 670 Prime core based on Cortex-A78 with a frequency of 2.73 GHz, three Kryo 670 Gold cores based on Cortex-A78 with a frequency of 2.2 GHz, and four Kryo 670 Silver cores based on Cortex-A55 with a frequency of 1.9 GHz. Is.

Thanks to this increased frequency, the processing performance of Qualcomm’s latest mid-range chip is 5% higher than its previous generation. In the GPU department, Qualcomm claims a 10% increase in performance compared to the Snapdragon +778G.

Specifications of the Snapdragon 782 G chipset
Specifications of the Snapdragon 782 G chipset

Snapdragon 782G supports Quick Charge 4+ technology and also uses the same Fused artificial intelligence accelerator and Spectra image signal processor as its predecessor. Phones equipped with this chip can have a 200-megapixel camera.

Qualcomm has even used the same 5G modem in this chip as its previous generation. Snapdragon 782G is equipped with a Snapdragon X53 modem with support for 5G networks below 6 GHz and a millimeter wave. This chip also supports Wi-Fi 6 with a maximum speed of 2.9 Gbps and Bluetooth 5.2 thanks to the FastConnect 6700 system.

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Currently, Qualcomm has not announced which smartphones will be launched with this chip, but we expect the Honor 80 series to be the first product equipped with it.

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