Zuckerberg’s attack on Apple Vision Pro: “Quest 3 is a better headset; entire!”

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After testing the Vision Pro, Meta’s CEO still claims the Quest 3 is a better device.

With the launch of the Vision Pro, we now see mixed opinions about the performance of Apple’s first mixed reality headset.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says Meta is at risk more than any other company if Apple does what the iPhone did to the smartphone world with its mixed reality headsets.

By publishing a video on Instagram, Zuckerberg expressed his opinion about the confrontation between Vision Pro and Quest 3 and said: “Quest 3 is a better product. entire.”

According to Zuckerberg, Quest’s physical controllers, as well as the hand-tracking technology of his company’s mixed reality headset, work better as inputs. The CEO of Meta considers the eye tracking system suitable for some cases and promised that the said feature will be added to his company’s future headsets.

Zuckerberg says the Quest has much better immersive content than the Vision Pro. He acknowledged that the Vision Pro is generally a better entertainment device. Meta’s CEO also said that the price of Apple’s virtual reality headset is seven times the price of the Quest 3 virtual reality headset, and he mentioned this issue as an important point.

In the end, Zuckerberg thanked the Meta virtual reality headset development team. Meta has invested heavily in mixed-reality headsets and virtual-reality technology and will continue to be the undisputed market leader in terms of sales for some time. On the other hand, Quest 3 is considered a better choice for most people than Vision Pro.

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What Zuckerberg doesn’t mention is the advantages of Apple’s hardware and software ecosystem, and that we’ll soon see tons of apps and games released for the Vision Pro. The meta may be breathing a sigh of relief now, but the real battle in VR has just begun.

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