The web version of WhatsApp is updated with a practical feature

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The feature of placing contacts in the “Favorites” section is added to the WhatsApp web version.

WhatsApp is developing a feature for its web version that will allow users to instantly access important conversations by placing them in the “Favorites” section.

Although there are no exact details about the feature in question, which was recently discovered by WABetaInfo in one of the beta versions of this popular messaging platform; it seems that users can manually select their favorite contacts and then see them in the menu sub-category of the same name in the filters of the search bar.

WhatsApp web version with practical features
WhatsApp web version with practical features


Currently, the only way to mark more important conversations on the web version and versions of WhatsApp on other platforms is to pin them to the top of other conversations; But thanks to a new feature that will be added to this platform shortly, a new way to sort conversations will be available to users.

The new changes of WhatsApp are in line with the recent efforts of this platform to improve the features of its web version; Three months ago, the ability to share statuses was added to WhatsApp Web.

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