Windows XP is still alive!

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New statistics show that still a small number of Windows users around the world use the Windows XP operating system to connect to the Internet.

In a new report, Statcounter Institute says that the number of Windows 11 users in August has reached the lowest level in the last five months, and the decline in users of this operating system continues.

Windows 11 will be two years old next month, and Microsoft has announced that it will soon end support for the initial version of this operating system so that those who are still using 21H2 can move to newer versions.

Although two years have passed since the release of Windows 11, this operating system is still far from Windows 10. Statistics from Statcounter show that Windows 10 has gained 71.94% of the Windows market share and in the last month, it has managed to increase its share by 0.8%. It goes without saying that the share of Windows 11 has reached 23.17% with a drop of 0.49%.

Windows XP is still alive
Windows XP is still alive

Microsoft is trying to encourage more people to install Windows 11 by introducing new features. The upcoming 23H2 update is likely to help Windows 11 gain market share.

The market share of unsupported versions of Windows (such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.1) remained unchanged. Windows 7 currently has 3.5% and Windows 8.1 only 0.84% of the market share.

Meanwhile, even Windows XP has continued to survive and has gained 0.32% of the market share. Two decades after the birth of Windows XP, some users still connect to the Internet with this operating system.

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