Twitter’s refusal to pay for Google’s cloud service; Is the performance of this social network disrupted?

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A new report says that Twitter has refused to pay for Google Cloud services, and this can affect the performance of the company’s teams.

A new report claims that when Twitter’s contract with Google Cloud is due to be renewed, the company refused to pay for this cloud service. As a result, this can disrupt the trust and safety teams of this platform.

According to Reuters and quoted by Platformer, before Elon Musk joined Twitter last year, the social network had signed a multi-year contract with Google to use the company’s services for various purposes, including combating spam and protecting accounts. As a result, this discrepancy can now hamper the activities of Twitter’s trust and safety team.

The platformer has not released details about the effect of the dispute on the performance of the social network’s teams. However, the website Information says that Twitter has been trying to renegotiate with Google since at least March.

Twitter's refusal to pay for Google's cloud service
Twitter’s refusal to pay for Google’s cloud service

Twitter also had problems with Amazon

Twitter has placed some of its services on its own servers and some services on the cloud platforms of Amazon and Google. However, even Amazon warned in March that it might not pay for its advertising due to non-payment of the company’s cloud computing web services bill.

Since Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter was completed, the platform has dramatically reduced its headcount to pay for lower costs. Musk also ordered to reduce the cost of infrastructure equipment. A source familiar with the matter told Reuters last year that Twitter’s new owner had asked to cut the cost of infrastructure services by about $1 billion.

Twitter and Google have not yet responded to media requests for comment. Of course, Twitter does not have a public relations team and it is unlikely that an answer will be published in this regard. Now we have to wait to see what the outcome of the dispute between these two big technology companies will be.

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