Google’s self-driving car was set on fire; Vimo controversy in America

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One of Waymo’s self-driving cars in San Francisco was attacked by several people and caught on fire.

On Saturday evening, several people attacked a Waymo self-driving car in San Francisco. According to the pictures and reports of eyewitnesses, the attackers painted murals before breaking the windows of the car and throwing incendiary substances into it, and finally, the car burned completely before the fire brigade arrived.

There were no passengers in the Vimo car and it is said that no one was injured in the fire incident of this car. The fire department published pictures of the remains of the said car and announced that the incendiary substances caused the car to burn completely.

Google's self-driving car
Google’s self-driving car


It is not clear whether the accident of the Vimo self-driving car happened due to a specific event or was planned. The company told Digital Trends: “We are working with local authorities and will continue to provide self-driving ride-sharing services in the city of San Francisco.”

Waymo (owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company) has been experimenting with self-driving taxis on the streets of San Francisco for years and recently received a license to offer paid service to passengers on a trial basis.

The fire accident of the Vimo car takes place while the previous week we witnessed an accident of another self-driving car of this company with a bicycle, which caused minor injuries to the cyclist. In addition, in early October, we saw an accident between a Wemo car and a passenger car.

California has suspended Cruise’s license to test self-driving cars in the city, halting the company’s operations across the country.

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Every now and then we see reports of people attacking Wemo vehicles. Years ago, some people attacked one of the vehicles of the mentioned company, cut its tires and threw stones at the vehicle. Some say that the decrease in road safety and the loss of some jobs due to the introduction of self-driving cars is the main reason for the attack on Vimo cars.

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