The release date of Windows 12 has been revealed

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Apparently, the director of one of the important companies in the computer industry has revealed the release date of Windows 12.

The development of the next version of Windows is nearing its final stages, and Microsoft’s latest operating system is expected to be heavily focused on artificial intelligence.

Apparently, the CEO of Quanta has said that Windows 12 will arrive in the summer of next year, in June 2024 to be precise.

According to the report of the Chinese website Commercial Times, Lin Bailey, the chairman of the board of directors of Quanta, while pointing to the increased investment in the field of productive artificial intelligence, said that when Windows 12 arrives, “artificial intelligence computers” will also be unveiled.

On the other hand, Jason Chen, the CEO of Acer, has expressed similar words and said that he does not expect artificial intelligence computers to gain significant popularity overnight; However, artificial intelligence will have a positive effect on increasing laptop sales.

This is not the first time that the unveiling of Windows 12 in the middle of 2024 has been mentioned, and we have heard similar rumors before. Considering that most rumors point to the middle of 2024, it seems that we should consider the Windows 12 launch in the summer of 1403 as a certainty.

A few months ago, the chief financial officer of Intel said that the “refresh of Windows” will be done next year. He also said that he expects the next Windows release to boost Intel’s CPU sales and the processor industry in general.

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