The name “Apple ID” will change after 20 years

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The Apple ID brand will change after 20 years in the next version of iOS.

A while back, it was claimed that Apple plans to rebrand Apple ID on its software platforms and websites to Apple Account, and now Bloomberg’s Mark German has confirmed the change.

In the Power On newsletter, Garman said that the new Apple ID branding will be used in iOS 18 for the iPhone and watchOS 11 for the Apple smartwatch.

Apple has long referred to funds added to an Apple ID as “Apple Account balance,” and German says the company has a team called Apple Accounts.

With Apple ID rebranding in 2024, the term Apple ID is expected to be phased out entirely. Apple has used this name for its device account for more than two decades.

Apple will unveil iOS 18 and other major software updates at its developer conference (WWDC) in June. The rebranding of Apple ID will likely be announced at that time.

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