This high-profile gadget will take over the pulse of social networks from next week

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The popular gadget “Rabbit R One” will be released next week. This gadget was introduced at CES 2024.

The Rabbit R1 gadget was one of the news-making products unveiled at CES 2024 and attracted a lot of attention. Those lucky enough to pre-order the Rabbit R1 before stocks last will receive their device soon.

In a press release, Rabbit says that the first batch of pre-ordered gadgets will start shipping on March 31; But the full supply of these devices may take several weeks. According to Rabbit, the first batch of R1 gadgets will probably arrive in the hands of US users by April 24.

The unveiling of the Rabbit R1 at the CES exhibition was accompanied by a lot of noise. This gadget, which focuses specifically on artificial intelligence, appears as a physical assistant and learns how you use your phone and applications. The Rabbit R1 has a physical button for scrolling and rotating the camera.

Considering the excitement surrounding the launch of the Rabbit R1, there is no doubt that this gadget will create a lot of buzz on social media from next week.

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