The heat of the iPhone 15 Pro Max melted the charging cable

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The hot story of iPhone 15 has made news once again; But this time not in the way you think.

A user on the Reddit website NoisilyMarvellous shared a photo of his damaged iPhone cable. The photo shows that his iPhone 15 Pro Max has become very hot and melted the plastic of the charging cable.

A Reddit user wrote: “I knew the iPhone 15 Pro Max would get hot; But after a month of using it, my iPhone got so hot overnight that it literally burned my finger. “When I removed the charger, the plastic was slightly melted and there was a burn on the body, and the metal part of the USB-C port was stuck to the phone.”

The heat of the iPhone 15 Pro Max
The heat of the iPhone 15 Pro Max


Also, the user asks questions like “How do I remove the charger from the port?” and “Is this a problem with the phone, the charging cable, or the plug?” has raised Additionally, he has said that he has enabled Optimized Charging. Apparently, the problem originates from the cable itself; Because the iPhone 15 Pro Max user has not used the official cable.

The best thing to do in these cases is to go to a repair center before pulling out the wire. It is for these reasons that Apple always recommends one of its charging cables or an Apple Certified Charger (MFi) to charge the iPhone. The cost of the Apple charger or the MFi charger may seem high to you, But the matter goes beyond price and safety

15 Pro Max melted the charging cable
15 Pro Max melted the charging cable


The owner of the Apple phone burned his thumb, But something worse could have happened. Recently, Apple warned Apple Watch owners to only use original or certified Apple Watch chargers.

This year, Apple migrated from the dedicated Lightning port to USB-C charging. Many iPhone users may have decided that it’s okay to use the cheap, older USB-C cables they have around the house.

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While Apple has included a durable cable in the box of the iPhone 15 series, some users may want to use other cables in other places such as the workplace.

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