Apple fireworks in the Chinese market; iPhone 15 Pro Max became the best selling phone

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Taking 5% of the Chinese market, the iPhone 15 Pro Max was announced as the best-selling model and ranked higher than Huawei phones.

Huawei’s return has attracted the attention of many rival phone makers. The Mate 60 series flagship phone and Huawei’s Crane 9000S processor created a storm in the Chinese market and gained great popularity; As far as this company managed to register a 90% growth in October.

However, Huawei’s revival may not be as quick as expected; Because according to the latest data, Apple has three iPhone models among the top five models in China.

According to Counterpoint Research, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has 5% of the Chinese market and is the best-selling model in the region, and the flagship model of Huawei came in second place with a 4% market share.

iPhone 15 Pro took the same amount of share as Mate 60 Pro and placed in third place. This shows that the latest “Pro” models of Apple phones continue to sell.

iPhone 15 Pro Max has attracted the attention of customers thanks to its dedicated quad camera with 5x optical zoom, titanium frame, and improved storage space.

The Mate 60 Pro put up an incredible run against a company that ships millions of iPhones a year, going up against the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and it ended up selling well.

iPhone 15 Pro Max became the best selling phone
iPhone 15 Pro Max became the best-selling phone


Even though the iPhone 15 Plus is a large device with a large capacity battery like the Pro Max model, it was not included in this list.

The fifth place belongs to the iPhone 15, which is after the Honor X50, the former sub-brand model of Huawei. Trendforce previously mentioned that one of the challenges that Apple will face in 2024 is the return of a Chinese competitor; But looking at this ranking, Huawei has a long way to go before it can be a real threat to its competitors.

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Apple previously assured shareholders during its Q4 2023 earnings call that demand in China remains strong.

Finally, considering Huawei’s goal of producing 100 million units and also launching the flagship P70 series next year, this company has enough momentum to create problems for its competitor and the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone 16 series.

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