AnyDesk software was hacked

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AnyDesk software used to remotely control desktop systems was hacked.

The maker of AnyDesk announced that a cyber attack has compromised its systems. This attack was not of the ransomware type and now its details are available to German government officials.

“We have revoked all security-related permissions and systems have been modified or replaced as necessary,” EnDesk said in a press release. “We will soon revoke the current code registration license and have already started developing a new system.”

AnyDesk also invalidates all passwords on its website and asks users to change their passwords if they use similar passwords in other online services. Users are also advised to download the latest version of AnyDesk immediately.

AnyDesk did not announce when and how its systems were hacked. It is currently unclear whether any information was stolen after this hack. However, it has been emphasized that there is no evidence that users have been harmed by this incident.

Previously, AnyDesk had warned users about intermittent interruptions and disruptions in customer service. This company has important customers including LG, Samsung, Spidercam, and more than 170 thousand other customers.

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