SpaceX bought Twitter’s most expensive advertising packages

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Elon Musk in SpaceX has decided to buy one of the big advertising packages on Twitter to advertise Starlink!

SpaceX, which is managed by the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, has bought one of the largest advertising packages of Twitter.
This strange and interesting partnership comes at a time when Twitter is apparently under pressure in terms of advertising revenue and many brands are reluctant to buy ads on the platform.

SpaceX wants to promote its Starlink satellite internet service in Spain and Australia, according to documents seen on Twitter by CNBC.
The ad campaign purchased a package from Twitter that is estimated to cost up to $250,000 and, according to a Twitter employee, who asked not to be identified, the package allows the client to place their brand at the top of Twitter’s main timeline for a full day. Put a social network.

Based on this, the users of Australia and Spain will be faced with this ad three times when they open the Twitter application during the days of this campaign. The ad, which was bought last week, is to be shown first in Australia and then in Spain.

SpaceX bought Twitter
SpaceX bought Twitter

Elon Musk helped Twitter with SpaceX?

The Twitter employee said SpaceX would not normally buy such large ad packages from the company. However, now that Musk is CEO of Twitter, he needs ad revenue, and the flow of that revenue seems to have slowed down.

So offering help from the other side of his company, i.e. SpaceX, to promote the Starlink service can be a good way to generate income for Twitter.

Of course, buying even the most expensive advertising package of this social network alone cannot be enough to compensate for the lost flow of advertising revenues of this company. As a result, the world’s richest man would do well to address advertisers’ concerns so that companies such as General Motors, Audi, Volkswagen, General Mills, Pfizer, and United Airlines are willing to work with Twitter again.

It should be mentioned that Twitter earns about 90% of its revenue from advertising and Musk has stated that considering the current state of advertising, the declaration of bankruptcy by this company is not far from the mind.


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