Twitter has terminated the contracts of thousands of contract employees without prior notice

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Reports suggest that Twitter has laid off thousands of contract employees without notice to cut costs.

Twitter on Saturday laid off a large number of contract employees, including approximately 4,400 to 5,500 people. Reports indicate that most of these people’s contracts were terminated without notice and they only found out when they lost access to the company’s email and internal communication systems.

According to Platformer Casey Newton, who first broke the news, contract Twitter employees were laid off Saturday night in the United States and around the world in various teams, including content management, marketing, and engineering. The company apparently did not inform the team managers that these forces were going to be laid off, and they only found out after the employees’ user accounts were deactivated.

Twitter is still looking to cut costs

According to an internal email sent to contractors and shared by the Insider news agency (which, of course, said it reached people after access was cut off), Twitter explained that the decision was part of a shift in priorities and an effort to cut costs. It was by this company.
In this email, it is said that the last working day for these people is Monday, November 23, but they are not expected to do anything special.

Twitter is still looking to cut costs
Twitter is still looking to cut costs

Since Musk’s arrival at Twitter, the company first said goodbye to its senior executives and CEO, and shortly after, about half of the employees were laid off.
Elon Musk also made it clear during a question-and-answer session with employees that the remaining workforce must return to the company’s offices and that only certain people can continue to work remotely.
He had threatened that if an employee could go to work, but did not show up at the company, this would mean his resignation.

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Twitter has yet to respond to media requests for comment, and is unlikely to, as the company apparently no longer has a communications unit.

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