Dismissal of 10,000 Amazon employees

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Amazon is reportedly about to make its biggest layoff ever, laying off 10,000 people.

In the past weeks, Twitter and Meta have started massive layoffs, and now it seems that it is the turn of the world’s largest online store, Amazon. According to a new report, Amazon will soon lay off 10,000 employees.

The New York Times claimed in a report that Amazon will be the latest technology giant in the world that wants to lay off thousands of people. Most of the layoffs are expected to occur in hardware (including Alexa-enabled devices), human resources, and the retail division.

Dismissal of 10,000 Amazon employees

Amazon has grown significantly in recent years and the number of its employees has experienced a significant increase. Therefore, 10,000 employees are equivalent to 3% of the company ranks and 1% of the total workforce of this online store.

The hardware layoffs are in line with past reports; Reports that Amazon is reconsidering the positioning of Alexa-enabled devices.
It seems that the new CEO of Amazon, “Andy Jesse“, wants to invest less in this sector, although the spokesperson of this company has a different opinion.

Amazon spokesman Brad Glaser recently said he is optimistic about Alexa’s future:

“As always, we are optimistic about the future of Alexa, and it remains an important business as well as an area of investment for Amazon.”


CEO of Amazon, Andy Jesse
CEO of Amazon, Andy Jesse

According to another report, Amazon is reviewing its devices business. In recent years, this sector has registered an operating loss of 5 billion dollars.

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While the demand for online shopping and the use of social networks increased significantly with the spread of the coronavirus in the world, now the situation has changed and the world economy has undergone a lot of changes.

With the spread of Corona, many companies, including Amazon itself, started hiring and also achieved new records in terms of revenue and profitability. But now, due to economic reasons and the prediction of a global recession, these same companies have begun to lay off some of their workers.

While maybe only 1% of Amazon’s total workforce will be laid off, and this issue will not affect the company’s future products, in any case, thousands of people will be out of a job, and we will face the largest layoff in Amazon’s history. Finally, we have to wait for Amazon’s approval.

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