Publication of the list of companies that have the most patents for Metaverse; LG is in the lead

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The ranking of the Cyber Creative Institute shows that LG has the most patent applications in its name.

The ranking conducted by the Cyber Creative Institute shows that since 2016, LG has filed the most patent applications in the Metaverse world. The statistical data of this institute confirms that Samsung is in second place and Meta is in third place in this ranking.

IDC’s forecast shows that by 2026, the global market value of Metaverse will reach 74.7 billion dollars, which indicates a four-fold increase in its market value over the next four years. It should be noted that specialized hardware, including 3D headsets, will play a key role in the growth of Metaverse in this industry.

Publication of the list of companies that have the most patents for Metaverse; LG is in the lead
Publication of the list of companies that have the most patents for Metaverse; LG is in the lead

10 large technology companies with the most patents in Metaverse

Some prominent brands in the market have shown special attention to Metaverse in recent years. So far, South Korean and Chinese companies have filed various hardware patents for Metaverse. Statistical data shows that LG has registered the most Metaverse patents.

From 2010 to 2015, LG ranked 10th in terms of the number of patents registered in the Metaverse. In 2022, this company was able to climb to the first rank of this classification, and Samsung Electronics was ranked second in this ranking. This company had good growth in the production of products such as headsets. Meta is ranked third in the number of patents. The company has a list of Metaverse products in its development plan.

Huawei, which was not among the top 20 companies in this ranking, has now climbed to the fourth place in the list of companies with the most patents. This Chinese brand has a large number of patents related to image processing and display. Microsoft is in fifth place. Meanwhile, Intel and Apple are among the six American companies that are among the top 10 companies in this classification. It should be mentioned that ByteDance, Tik Tok’s parent company, has also entered this field.

Sony is the only Japanese company that is included in the list of 10 companies with the most patent registrations in Metaverse and stands in sixth place in this classification. In total, 20 prominent companies in the world have submitted a total of 7760 Metaverse patents. Of these, 57% of patents are related to the United States, 9% are related to South Korea, 12% are related to China, and finally, 9% are related to Japan.

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