How do chatbots talk to us like humans?

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Today’s AI chatbots are dramatically different from the chatbots of old, but how do they communicate so well with humans?

Since the launch of ChatGPT, AI-based chatbots have been in the spotlight and various companies have unveiled their own chatbots. Many of us feel like we are talking to another human when talking to these chatbots, but how is that possible?

Chatbots can do different things for us; From simple speaking to providing information on a specific topic or summarizing articles. Some of these chatbots are so advanced that you won’t think you’re talking to a bot or artificial intelligence. So you may have wondered how a chatbot can talk to us so much like humans. In this article, we want to answer this question, so stay with Rayabaan until the end.

Chatbots and how they work

Before the advent of chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard, there were several basic and basic functionality chatbots in the tech world. These chatbots had a rule-based system or decision tree. A rule-based chatbot cannot adapt itself to situations and is also unable to understand content and simulate human logic. In fact, these tools have several rules, patterns, and dialog trees that they must adhere to.

Rule-based chatbots follow pre-set conditions when you talk to them. Keywords are very important here and the chatbot scans user inputs to find specific words. Such chatbots respond to the user using clues without much knowledge of the content.

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Chatbots and how they work
Chatbots and how they work

These types of chatbots cannot answer very complex and layered questions and are designed to answer simple questions. Therefore, if your question has many elements, rule-based chatbots cannot give a correct or at least a complete answer to them. Due to the limitations of these types of chatbots, they must be upgraded manually every once in a while, and without intervention, their performance will not improve.

Of course, we must point out that chatbots based on artificial intelligence also follow certain rules. For example, these chatbots do not respond to users about some issues such as criminal activities. However, their performance is much more advanced than law-based chatbots.

How do AI chatbots work?

Before ChatGPT became popular, there were other AI chatbots in the tech world that, although less advanced, still used AI to communicate with users.

For example, in 2008, Eviebot chatbot arrived; A chatbot that used artificial intelligence to communicate with users. Evie improves your speaking skills by using texts that the user has typed in the past. In fact, Evie used the same artificial intelligence system that Cleverbot was equipped with. Cleverbot came into focus nearly a decade ago. However, today’s chatbots are much more advanced.

How do AI chatbots work
How do AI chatbots work

As you can see in the image above, Evie was not very accurate in answering the questions or could not remember the history of the conversations. For example, Evie initially introduced herself as Eliza and after a few seconds changed her name to Adam.

Besides, Evie was not a good source of information. For example, when you ask Evie, “How big is the sun,” she replies, “Bigger than my future self.” Overall, chatbots like Cleverbot and Evie were fun, but you couldn’t count on them to provide information and proper conversation. In late 2022, however, the situation changed and advanced artificial intelligence showed how useful chatbots can be.

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How do chatbots communicate like humans?

The main question remains: how can chatbots like ChatGPT talk like humans? How do they act as if a human is sitting behind the keyboard answering our questions?

In November 2022, OpenAI publicly released the ChatGPT chatbot to demonstrate the first AI chatbot that can simulate human-like conversations.

GPT in ChatGPT stands for “Pre-trained Generator Transformer” which is a type of Large Language Model (LLM). You’ve probably heard the term LLM a lot in the past few months, but what is LLM?

How do chatbots communicate like humans
How do chatbots communicate like humans

LLM is an AI learning model used by most AI chatbots today. This language model is powered by an artificial intelligence algorithm that uses deep learning to operate at very advanced brightness. All LLMs are trained by very large data sets, which gives them a wealth of knowledge. For example, ChatGPT-4 is trained with 1 to 1.7 trillion parameters and several terabytes of data.

GPT is a special type of LLM consisting of a deep-learning neural network. GPTs are pre-trained models with a large amount of data to learn from. For example, texts from books, magazines, etc. have been used to teach ChatGPT. But how can these chatbots talk to us like humans?

During the development of ChatGPT, OpenAI used the Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) method. This method uses the training and reinforcement process to shape ChatGPT as a proper chatbot. With a reward and feedback model, ChatGPT can be informed of the usefulness or inappropriateness of its response. This method also allows ChatGPT to better understand the conversation and provide more effective responses to users.

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How do chatbots talk to us like humans
How do chatbots talk to us like humans?

ChatGPT’s natural language processing also plays an important role in how it responds to users, including recognizing language patterns and emotions. In its training, this chatbot used an algorithm with examples of human conversations to better understand how humans communicate. This algorithm can also consider things like greetings and goodbyes to monitor conversation stages.

The continuation of artificial intelligence chatbots

The continuation of artificial intelligence chatbots
The continuation of artificial intelligence chatbots

Chatbots are equipped with more advanced language models over time. For example, some time ago GPT-4 arrived and was used in ChatGPT. Google also apparently wants to use the Gemini language model in Badr in the future. These language models have more capabilities and are more advanced than their previous generations.

In addition, artificial intelligence chatbots can also find their way to bots; Physical robots that can better communicate with humans with the help of chatbots. So chatbots still have room for improvement and maybe we are just at the beginning.

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