LinkedIn welcomes “in-app games.”

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LinkedIn is going to in-app games to increase users and optimize the job space of its platform.

LinkedIn, the social network owned by Microsoft, has been popular since its inception as a platform for social and career purposes and for acquiring knowledge and recruiting professionals. Currently, this platform has more than 900 million users.

LinkedIn plans to introduce games to its platform to increase user time. Simple games like Wordle managed to attract millions of users. LinkedIn also plans to add games similar to Wordle and puzzle games to its platform.

Nima Oji, an app researcher, posted on X that LinkedIn is testing ideas like organizing players’ points based on their job field and ranking companies based on the points their employees earn.

A LinkedIn spokesperson confirmed the activity on in-app games; But he said that the exact launch date of these games is not yet known. He added that the purpose of adding puzzle games to LinkedIn is to create deeper relationships and opportunities for more conversation and to add fun to the platform.

Microsoft, the parent company of LinkedIn, is now considered a giant in the game field with the production of the Xbox console and the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and Zenimax. Microsoft was able to earn about 7.1 billion dollars in the last quarter with the help of companies active in the field of games and sales of the Xbox console. Microsoft’s role in LinkedIn’s decision to add games to the platform has yet to be confirmed.

Games have always been among the most popular applications for phones and personal computers, and among them, puzzle games are one of the popular categories among users.

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Various platforms have been using games for some time to increase their users. The New York Times is one of the platforms that was able to keep old users and attract new users by adding the Wordel game.

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, benefited greatly from its independent game application; But in 2022, due to the decrease of its users, it had to close this application. Today, Facebook is focusing on selling the MetaQuest virtual reality headset.

To increase users and improve how to use its platform, LinkedIn has put new features such as online training and professional development and creating more video tools at the top of its work.

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