OnePlus: Sell the Google Pixels and buy the 12R

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OnePlus has offered a special plan to exchange Android phones and upgrade them to OnePlus 12R.

OnePlus released the OnePlus 12R smartphone in international markets this year; A device that uses slogans like the return of the flagship killer to describe it, and has even released a special version of Genshin Impact of the mentioned product.

In its new ad, OnePlus tells users to upgrade their Pixel to the OnePlus 12R to experience more excitement at a lower cost.

Interestingly, OnePlus has specifically targeted Google phone owners. The price of the OnePlus 12R phone in the United States is $400, and it is possible to replace any device with any technical conditions. Replacing the current device with the OnePlus 12R will reduce the price of the phone in question by about $100.

If the user’s device is in good condition in the OnePlus phone replacement plan, you can receive up to $450 in credit. Thus, by presenting a healthy phone, you can even get the OnePlus 12R for free. $450 is reserved for high-end devices, and probably no one will give up their iPhone 15 Pro Max for the OnePlus 12R.

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