It became possible to send a deleteable photo in the Windows version of WhatsApp

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You can now send one-time images and videos through the Windows version of WhatsApp, but there is a limit to this feature.

Sometimes you want to send a photo or video on WhatsApp to a certain person only for a short time and you don’t want it to stay in the conversation history. Messenger belonging to Meta has provided the possibility to send deleted messages in the iPhone and Android versions for some time, and now this feature is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 versions.

As Windows Latest points out, the Windows version of WhatsApp now supports sending one-time messages. The feature was first added to the Windows version of WhatsApp in 2022, but Meta removed it due to privacy concerns. Now it seems that the delete message functionality is once again available to the public.

 Windows version of WhatsApp
Windows version of WhatsApp

Note that the functionality of deleted messages in the Windows version of WhatsApp is different from the mobile version of this messenger. When using this program on Windows, you can only send one-time messages via PC, but you are not allowed to see the deleted messages that you have received. The reason for this limitation is that there are many ways to bypass the technology of deleted posts; Including screen capture and recording tools.

The update of the Windows version of WhatsApp also has a new feature that allows users to make calls based on phone numbers, and in other words, you will no longer need to add numbers to the contact list to make calls.

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