Instagram will notify influencers that posts are ineligible to suggest to others

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Despite this feature, creators and businesses can see why their posts are not visible to others in the settings section.

In a new move, Instagram will now notify users if their posts are inappropriate for others to view. With this feature, content creators and businesses will be able to see if Instagram is preventing their posts from appearing in certain areas of the platform, said “Adam Mossery”, head of the social network.

As “Mossery” explains via her Twitter account, under the Account section of the Settings menu and then Account Status, Pro users can check if their posts are recommended to users who don’t follow them.

Where to display Instagram offer posts

Where to display Instagram offer posts
Where to display Instagram offer posts

Instagram’s recommended posts appear in places like the Explore page and main feed, and Meta uses this method to compete with TikTok. Meta also plans to more than double the amount of content recommended by users in its feeds by the end of 2023.

The main condition for Instagram posts to be displayed in the Explore sections or other places is to follow the community guidelines and recommended content rules. For example, users can still post content that depicts violence, but there is a possibility that it will be prevented from being suggested to other users.

In addition, creators and businesses can edit, delete, or appeal the feedback provided by Instagram on posts deemed inappropriate for the offer.

The new feature provides more transparency for individuals and companies who notice a decrease in the reach of their posts, as well as a new explanation for why their posts aren’t being seen by as many users.

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