Genuine leather iPhone 15 cases cost more than $2,000

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Caviar company has produced new cases for iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, which cost about 2 thousand dollars.

In September of this year, in addition to unveiling the iPhone 15 series, Apple introduced the FineWoven protective case and decided to stop selling leather accessories as part of its environmental efforts.

The FineWoven fabric cases of the iPhone have received many criticisms. Some complained about the leather not being natural, and others did not consider their resistance sufficient.

To fix the issues, Dubai-based Caviar, known for making custom luxury devices, replaced Apple’s FineWoven protectors with genuine Hermes leather.

Genuine leather iPhone 15 cases cost more than $2,000
Genuine leather iPhone 15 cases cost more than $2,000

Caviar says that he has replaced the fabric cover of Apple’s FineWoven cases with Hermes natural leather, which is available in three colors, orange, blue and brown while maintaining the magsif functionality.

The orange case is covered in Hermes Epsom leather; While the blue and brown frames are covered with Hermes Togo leather. All three cases have a prominent Caviar crown, made of jewel alloy and plated with 24K gold.

Caviar leather cases for iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 15 Pro Max are sold through Caviar’s website for $2,060, $2,130, and $2,200, respectively.


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