OpenAI’s annual revenue reached $1.6 billion with explosive growth

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Despite all the setbacks for OpenAI, ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence kept the company on top.

According to a Reuters report, OpenAI’s annual revenue increased to more than $1.6 billion from $1.3 billion reported in mid-October due to the massive popularity of its ChatGPT AI.

ChatGPT launched in early 2022 (1400 and 1401) and brought a strange wave of popularity to the AI world; Meanwhile, OpenAI seized the opportunity to make the most of this popularity.

In addition to OpenAI, other companies also used this issue to their advantage. One such company was Microsoft, which added the GPT-4 AI model to many of its products, such as Office and Windows.

Nvidia was another company that was able to benefit from the advantages of artificial intelligence and surpass its competitors. This company has tripled its market value compared to last year by producing the graphics processor required for artificial intelligence processing.

OpenAI has had a very eventful year following the firing of CEO Sam Altman. About a month ago, the company announced that Sam Altman had been fired for not being honest with board members. This came as a big shock to OpenAI fans and AI followers. Sam Altman, after many sidelines, once again took the leadership of this artificial intelligence company.

According to informed sources, the startup OpenAI is negotiating with potential investors in order to reach a market value of 100 billion dollars by selling its shares.

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