Elon Musk is looking to hire new employees

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Following the new wave of Twitter layoffs, Elon Musk announced that the company now wants to recruit in various departments, including engineering.

Elon Musk has recently started another round of layoffs at Twitter, and it seems that now about two-thirds of the company’s employees are out of a job. However, he has finally announced that the retrenchment process is over and the recruitment of new forces will begin again.

According to Bloomberg, sources familiar with the matter say that Elon Musk has recently fired a number of Twitter employees again, but the exact number is not known. Of course, it has been said that the sales unit had the highest output this time.

Among the new layoffs are Robin Wheeler, head of advertising sales, and Maggie McLean Sunnywick, Twitter’s vice president of partnerships, who declined to lay off more employees. “Sara Rosen“, the head of the content cooperation unit of the American branch, also left this company on Friday.

Elon Musk is now looking to hire new employees after firing a number of Twitter employees
Elon Musk is now looking to hire new employees after firing a number of Twitter employees

On the other hand, Twitter’s new CEO announced in a meeting with his employees that the process of adjusting employees is over and he is now looking to hire new employees in the engineering and sales department. “In terms of critical hires, I would say people who are proficient in programming are our highest priority,” Musk said.

Twitter is moving its headquarters to Texas

The richest man in the world announced in this meeting that he does not intend to move Twitter’s headquarters from San Francisco, California to Texas, but it would not be out of the question if the company had two headquarters in California and Texas: “If we want to move the headquarters of the company to Move on to Texas, I think the idea that Twitter has gone from being a left-leaning company to a right-leaning company is getting stronger when that’s not the case. What happened wasn’t a right-wing takeover of Twitter. “Twitter has been taken over by moderates.”

Musk, who has previously said he wants Twitter to be a public forum for all people to talk, emphasized that to achieve that goal, people with a wide range of views must be on the platform, even if we don’t agree with them.

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In response to an employee’s question, he said that large parts of the company’s technology stack had to be rebuilt from scratch. Musk also mentioned in a part of his speech that it might not be bad for some things to become decentralized. For example, some engineering teams can be set up in Japan, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Elon Musk said that Twitter users in Japan are about the same as the number of Americans on the social network, while Japan’s population is one-third that of the United States. He emphasized that the company’s success in Japan should inspire similar plans to focus on other countries.

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