American universities welcome ChatGPT artificial intelligence

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Arizona State University will be the first to use ChatGPT in classrooms.

Arizona State University (ASU) and OpenAI are collaborating to bring ChatGPT into classrooms. According to ASU’s press release, the university wants to focus on three key areas where it can use ChatGPT: growing student success, creating new avenues for innovative research, and streamlining organizational processes.

“Our faculty and staff already use ChatGPT, and after addressing security concerns, we believe it makes sense to connect with OpenAI,” said Kyle Bowen, ASU’s associate chief information officer.

“University faculty members, some of whom specialize in artificial intelligence, will help guide how productive artificial intelligence can be used at the university,” Bowen said.

The University of Arizona will begin accepting faculty and student projects using ChatGPT in February. A university vice-chancellor said that some professors are already using generative artificial intelligence in their classes. He pointed to some composition and journalism classes that use artificial intelligence to improve writing.

University of Arizona officials believe that universities provide a testing ground for many productive artificial intelligence uses.

“Universities hope to foster critical thinking, so we never distance ourselves from technology,” says ASU’s provost.

This is the first collaboration between OpenAI and an educational institution. OpenAI is slowly starting to collaborate with public organizations, and we’re likely to see more of these collaborations.


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