iMessage on Android; Beeper Mini software is back and free

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Beeper Mini software was available again after a few days of interruption; But from now on, you must log in with Apple ID.

The fight to add iMessage to Android phones continues, even though Apple took a direct stand against the new Beeper Mini software and removed one of its main features.

After Beeper Mini stopped working, now this software is available again and allows users to send and receive IM messages. Beeper says his team members were working 24 hours a day to restore access to iMessage.

After many efforts, Beeper was finally able to find a new solution; However, the new solution is not as attractive as the previous solution.

From now on, Beeper Mini is not able to register a mobile number, and to use it, you must log in to Apple ID (before Apple took action to disable Beeper Mini, there was no need to log in to Apple ID).

In a press release, Beeper says that Beeper Mini users can only use email to access iMessage. This company is trying to solve the problem of not registering the mobile number.

Beeper Mini was supposed to cost $2 per month, But new changes have made Beeper decide to temporarily make this application free. “As soon as the situation stabilizes, we will consider re-activating the subscription service,” reads part of the statement.

Beeper executives say that despite Apple’s claims, messages sent through the Beeper Mini are end-to-end encrypted. When Apple disabled the beeper mini, it said that its purpose was to protect the safety of iPhone users.

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