What is a brand manager? And What are its functions?

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What is a brand manager; The market situation is that in any field you want to use, (for the most part) you have all kinds of competitors! Whether you are in a competitive or non-competitive market, the importance of branding and brand management is so important to your business that they cannot be overlooked!
Who should read this article?

If you are a brand owner and your business branding is very important to you, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the position of “Brand Manager”. Maybe you should consider hiring one of them!
You may want to learn about this job so that you can be hired as a brand manager at a company one day.

A brand manager is essential for any organization.


The task of the brand manager is to create and stabilize a stable feeling among customers and thereby increase product (service) sales, as well as increase market share.

A brand manager oversees all marketing, advertising, public relations, etc. Company activities, to ensure that the “message delivered to the customer” is consistent with the brand identity, brand values, ​​and brand objectives.

The brand manager must coordinate and oversee the company’s various teams to ensure that the brand’s activities do not conflict with its “identity, values, ​​and goals.” Teams like:

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Production manager

Marketing Manager and his staff

Marketing managers

Staff active in the field of marketing research

Advertising and marketing agencies

brand management
brand management


Requirements to become a brand manager

To achieve this position, they usually expect you to have a relevant education (trade, advertising, marketing, etc.) along with work experience and command of the English language. These people have strong communication skills that maintain good relationships with peers. Having the right attitude, analysis and ambition are other characteristics.

Ambition is one of the characteristics of a brand manager!

In the following, we will discuss the skills and level of education of a brand manager.

The level of education, experience, and skills of the brand manager

Most brand managers have at least a bachelor’s degree and a few years of marketing experience. Some organizations may also require additional MBA degrees. Strong leadership is also required to lead and operate a brand team.

Who is the brand manager
Who is the brand manager


features of Brand Manager

Features that empower brand managers to include the following:

  • Brand awareness, clear understanding of brands and marketing mix
  • persistence
  • Strong concentration
  • High financial literacy
  • Relationship management skills

Brand manager job description

In the brand manager recruitment ads, two parts are important for the employer: responsibility and description of duties and requirements of the applicant

Responsibilities and description of duties of the brand manager:

  • Planning and implementing branding research, including brand health indicators such as brand associations, brand loyalty, etc.
  • Identify key trends in marketing and market advertising
  • Business branding budgeting
  • Branding strategy design
  • Designing branding campaigns
  • Updating brand identity based on market conditions, business, and audience attitude
  • Monitoring the implementation and success of advertising campaigns
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Brand applicant requirements and qualifications:

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, management, and business
  • At least 5 years of experience in the related field
  • Analytical thinking and attention to detail
  • Creative and innovative
  • Ability to promote teamwork and project management
  • Ability to conduct business correspondence
  • Strategic thinking
  • Mastering the principles of branding, marketing, advertising, and market research
  • Familiarity with all types of media
  • Familiarity with design principles

Review of brand manager work

  • Working Hours: The working hours of brand managers are mostly from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • Hours: Occasionally there are weekends or afternoons.

For example, during this period: When a new product comes out.

  • When a massive advertising campaign is about to begin.
  • When the conference or conference will be held privately.
  • Out-of-company activities: Brand managers sometimes have to go to different places!

For example: Visit advertising and branding agencies (for supervision and coordination).

  • Go on trips out of town or abroad (depending on their brand’s service coverage).

Brand managers are the heroes of your organization!

Monthly income: the income of brand managers varies greatly and depending on the company they work for, they earn between $15,000 and $30,000 per month; Of course, this number can be higher depending on the company you work with, but it’s usually within this range.

Additional salary, bonus, etc. (Bonus): Depending on the brand manager’s performance each month, he can be paid an amount as a bonus, which depends on the payer (usually the CEO)!

What organizations hire brand managers?

Basically, the brand manager is developed for businesses. In start-ups or small organizations, the marketing manager is responsible for brand management.

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As the product portfolio grows and brand control becomes a challenge for the organization, the need to hire a brand manager also emerges.

The following areas usually require the hiring of a brand manager:

  • Large and famous productions, especially FMCGs, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and
  • Technology companies
  •  Marketing agencies
  •  Multi-branch and chain stores

Every business area with its purpose needs to hire a brand manager. But brand management becomes a challenge for brands when the number of products and volume of organizational interactions increases.

The last word

Finally, if branding your business is important to you, you need a brand manager with insight into the new brand experience to achieve your goals with the best planning possible. Indeed, brand managers are the unsung heroes of the organization; They maintain order and inspire action at the same time.

In this article, we talked about “What is a brand manager?”.

Share your experiences and questions with us in the comments section; We are looking forward to your comments!

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