Apple’s artificial intelligence arrived; Edit photo with text command

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Apple’s artificial intelligence was made available with the ability to edit photos through simple text commands.

Apple released its new open-source artificial intelligence model, MGIE, for editing photos using simple text commands. MGIE stands for Multimodal large language model Guided Image Editing and allows the user to work with artificial intelligence in natural language.

The user can simply say “Make the sky bluer” and MGIE will interpret this command as “Identify and select the sky, then increase the color saturation in this area by 20%“.

MGIE can also perform common Photoshop-style editing such as cropping, resizing, rotating, and adding filters. Also, this model can perform more advanced editing such as changing the background adding or removing objects, and combining images.

MGIE can optimize general photo settings such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color balance, and apply artistic effects such as drawing, painting, and cartoon style to photos.

Apple’s new artificial intelligence model can edit specific areas or objects in an image; Such as faces, eyes, hair, and clothes and things like that. Also, this model can change their shape, size, color, texture, and style.

If the MGIE output is not to your liking, you can modify your request or go back to your previous order or give another order. Currently, MGIE is an open-source model on GitHub; But there is an online demo that you can use to upload images and work with it.

The sky in the image instead of bright blue
The sky in the image instead of bright blue


One of the users gave MGIE the above photo with the command “Make the sky a little redder” and the AI said “Make the sky in the image red instead of bright blue. Shade the cityscape instead of the stark white sky.


Apple AI has cropped the image and delivered the above output. The interesting point is MGIE’s precision in changing the amount of light reflection on the metal frame of the window, which is done according to the change of the sky color.

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It is not yet clear whether Apple will add MGIE AI to the iPhone. If Apple has such an intention, the iPhone 16 series can benefit from this feature.

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