With Huawei’s pressure, the name of the Apple Vision Pro headset will change

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The Vision Pro trademark was registered by Huawei in 2019, and Apple may not be able to use the name in China.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, the Vision Pro mixed reality headset may launch in China under a different name. Huawei registered the term Vision Pro as a trademark in 2019. It is said that sales of the Vision Pro in China will begin in April or May.

When Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked when the Vision Pro would be available in China, Cook replied, “I’m not sure when exactly, but it’s coming soon.”

Huawei registered the Vision Pro brand in 2019 for a range of products including virtual reality headsets. For this reason, Apple may not be able to use this name in China.

The exclusive right to use the Vision Pro brand for Huawei is 10 years; From November 28, 2021, to November 27, 2031. The brand covers a variety of goods and services such as LCD televisions, head-mounted virtual reality devices, and radio equipment.

Chinese courts have a history of supporting domestic companies against foreign companies in trademark disputes. It is not yet known for certain whether the Vision Pro name will be changed in China or not.

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