Amazon’s new chatbot has revealed the company’s confidential information

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Amazon’s AI chatbot Q has leaked confidential information, internal discount programs, and some other sensitive data.

Amazon’s AI chatbot Q has faced criticism from the company’s employees due to issues related to accuracy and data leaks, and documents obtained by Platformer show that Q discloses confidential information such as the location of AWS data centers and Amazon’s internal discount programs.

A leaked internal document from Amazon points to Q illusions and false answers seen in the AI chatbot, which can lead to harmful or inappropriate responses. For example, Amazon Q could disclose security information that would compromise customer accounts.


Amazon has downplayed its employees’ arguments about the Q chatbot, claiming that no security issues have been identified with the AI. However, the leaked documents raise concerns about Q’s accuracy and security; The chatbot is still in preview and not publicly available.

Amazon Q is known as ChatGPT’s competitor for enterprise customers and is designed with very high security. The leaked documents, however, point to risks such as providing false or harmful information on Q’s part.

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