Tik Tok is optimized for flip phones and tablets

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The new TikTok update has arrived, focusing on the possibility of viewing content on larger screens.

In an official statement, TikTok announced that it has optimized its software for flip phones and tablets to improve the user experience for people using devices with larger screens.

The most important changes included in the latest update include simplifying navigation bars, supporting screen rotation, and increasing the resolution of feed videos.

Tik Tok is optimized
TikTok is optimized


New navigation bars make it easier to access functional tabs and features. In addition, the resolution of the content displayed in the feed has been increased.

TikTok users can now use the application in horizontal mode in addition to vertical mode.

Next, TikTok admits that this update will further investigate the experimental feature of Topic Feeds. This feature allows users to view videos related to sports, games, food, etc. categories.

In this update, TikTok has paid special attention to users who use foldable phones with large screens and also to tablet users.

TikTok says it is committed to creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment for all its users and will continue to invest in creating a better experience for its users.

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