The lawsuit against Apple for the butterfly keyboard

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The lawsuit against Apple for the butterfly keyboard

After years of wrangling, a federal judge has finally approved Apple’s $50 million lawsuit over the Peruvian keyboard.

A group of Apple users in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Washington filed a class action lawsuit against Apple in 2018. The plaintiffs, in this case, claimed that Apple knowingly hid the fact that the butterfly keyboard of MacBooks is prone to damage but continued to sell its devices and between 2015 and 2019, many users bought such devices knowing this.

The lawsuit against Apple for the butterfly keyboard
The lawsuit against Apple for the butterfly keyboard

The case of Apple’s MacBook butterfly keyboard complaint is closed

Users said they were bothered by the butterfly keyboard problem on MacBooks, and typing on the keyboard becomes very difficult when even a small amount of dust enters the keyboard. The plaintiffs in the case also pointed out that Apple’s after-sales service could not solve their problem and even after changing the keyboard and using a new keyboard, this problem still persists.

In late July of this year, Apple agreed to pay a $50 million fine in federal court in San Jose, California, to settle a lawsuit filed by a group of users over MacBook keyboards. In order for this agreement to be implemented, it was necessary for a judge to approve it. Now, months later, a federal judge has approved Apple’s $50 million fine to close the case.

It should be mentioned that Apple tried for about three years to solve the problem related to the butterfly keyboard. But in the end, this did not happen and they were not successful in solving the problem. The plaintiffs in the case are from seven states, and Apple has agreed to pay compensation commensurate with the problems caused to them. At the end of July, an agreement to pay a fine of 50 million dollars was proposed, and Apple accepted it, and now it will be implemented with the approval of the judge.

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